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Alkaline Flask, Alkaline Water Flask, Alkaline Ionizer Flask

Alkaline Flask

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Alkaline water will improve your overall health and well being. By drinking alkaline water you can raise the pH level of your body.

When the body is not balanced and too acidic, disease can creep in and attack the body’s immune system. When the body is too acidic the body will try and become alkaline and will pull the stored calcium from the bones, thus causing osteoporosis.

According to Philip Day, medical researcher and author in his book ‘The ABC’s of disease’ states, If we are eating mineral-deficient, processed foods and are not consuming plenty of fresh water, the body may run short of these alkalizing minerals and so starts to strip them from our bones. The result of these withdrawals is ‘porous bone’ or osteoporosis.

The best way to counteract a bad diet full of processed foods is with alkaline water.

To minimize the loss of bone mass, you should be following an alkaline diet and having plenty of alkaline water to drink. For those who have a hard time sticking to an alkaline diet, the drinking of alkaline water is necessary for them.

The Alkaline Water Flask is a portable dispenser for making alkaline, mineral rich water. The special thing with this is that it converts regular water to alkaline and ionized water. This is the kind of water you can drink anywhere, anytime. It is through the use of minerals that the water is filtered. Some of these include zeolite as well as other minerals that provide you with an excellent source of antioxidating water.

The Alkaline Water Flask is an alternative to expensive bottled water.

The flask increases the pH level to between 7pH and 9.5pH. depending on the water. It increases the pH by two or more points each time. You will also get low instances where there is the possibility of a low and negative ORP, which means Oxygen Reduction Potential. This is able to reduce by as much as 200mv.

The Alkaline Water Flask provides you with alkaline, antioxidant, health giving water wherever you are.

The other advantage you get is the ability for the water to have the abundance in the activated hydrogen. The other thing it does is to remove active oxygen levels, which are called free radicals. When the water molecule is small, you will be able to realize that it becomes extremely absorbable. The other thing you will be able to do is to see the action happen. This is by being able to see the process of deoxidization is visible. This is by being able to see the bubbles being formed. In the flask, they are silver ceramic balls are able to avoid exposing you to bacteria. The convenience of using the flask is being able you have your heath water just within a few minutes. The other advantage is the fact that it does not expose you to any of toxic material. This is being able to block leaching as if it happens to plastic bottles.

The Alkaline Water Flask produces:

  • Anti Oxidant Water
  • Alkalised Water
  • Structured Water
  • Mineralised Water

Health Benefits

  • Increases energy
  • Promotes un-clumping of cells
  • Enhance circulation
  • Enhances immune and endocrine systems
  • Eliminates viruses and bacteria
  • Enhances cellular nutrition and detoxification
  • Enhance permeability
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Protects DNA damage
  • Retards aging process
  • Strengthens the body bio-field preventing electro-magnetice waves from affecting one's health
  • Maintains focus and concentration
The Alkaline Water Flask is an alternative to expensive bottled water.

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